Friday, 17 December 2013
"rascal has been accepted by everybody within the store, they love it!"
David Young - Operations Development Manager

Seeking to address the issue of low and inconsistent levels of compliance to process across the store base, The Southern Co-operative introduced rascal to its 167 store estate, completing the roll out in March 2013.

Driven by Retail Operations, the system is now consistently delivering The Southern Co-operative compliance levels in excess of 95% as well as a significant commercial benefit.

rascal adopted a flexible approach to the relationship, ready and willing to tailor their approach to meet the specific needs.

Roll out of the rascal category management system to all 167 stores across The Southern Co-operative estate was completed in March 2013. This greatly simplified the magazines and newspapers category processes and has provided material improvements to the visibility and control of the category.

rascal is intuitive, easy to implement and simple to use — greatly reducing paperwork, as well as reducing the time needed to manage the category in store. The Southern Co-operative declared an average reduction of 5 hours per store per week.

“It’s taken the mystery out of news and magazines. It seemed to be something of a black art, we hoped that things were being done, but had nothing that proved that people were delivering in store.

With rascal we now have the information on returns, we have information on unrecorded wastage and rascal reports provide detail on compliancy that allows our Loss Prevention team to better manage the unknown stock loss."

Charles Miller - Head of Retail Operations