bespoke reporting...

rascal’s comprehensive Business Objects reporting tool provides the ability to easily produce simple customised reports giving visibility on any given key metric area.

These reports can be built from scratch and to customer requirements.

The process of creating the reports is as simple as taking the key metric variables, dragging them into a table and using filters and calculations to give the desired visibility and results.

Our team of account managers are comprehensively trained in all the skills required to produce ad-hoc reports as well as understanding the complexities of the data relationships.

rascal's report authors are experienced in producing more complex customer bespoke reports which are specific to the individual needs of the retailer and fundamental to the successful control of the category.

rascal can provide customer interactive access which allows existing reports to be re-run and filtered on demand. There is also a training solution which would allow key resources to build simple reports and run queries based around pre-defined variables and criteria.

rascal leads the way in this field and provides access to information not available elsewhere.