in-store management




Single interface application simplifying store processes, reducing the hours spent on stock and credit management, allowing retailers to focus on improving customer experience.

Tailored reporting and analytics of real-time stock supply and return activities allowing informed decision-making.

Facilitates the implementation, support and control of optimized processes and best practice across stores and suppliers.

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intuitive handset based solutions

rascal's system is based on a simple, intuitive PDA solution, meaning there is no longer any manual, time-consuming, paper-based checking.

With rascal, staff are free from complex, often inaccurate, manual checking of goods-in / out - after one training session all members of staff are ready to go, giving them the chance to concentrate on customer-focussed tasks.

Help pages on every screen make the rascal system intuitive to use, with the handset logging all activities, and this information is recorded safely and securely. This one system also reduces the complexity of operating and managing different systems from different suppliers.


easy and quick to train staff

Training staff to deal with manual checking stock in / out and credit issues used to be a laborious affair, often taking weeks to bring workers up to speed.

With rascal, after one training session, all members of staff are ready to go, giving them the chance to concentrate on customer-focussed tasks, and reducing the risk that occurs when staff leave, taking valuable skills and experience with them.

rascal’s one to two hour classroom session for the intuitive rascal PDA delivers easy, transferable skills. In the majority of cases, a store can 'go live' with rascal after no more than a couple of days testing in store.

saves time in store

rascal’s major national retail partners have praised rascal for significantly reducing the amount of time dealing with checking goods-in / out, credit checks, and all manner of processes which a manual, paper-based system involves.

With rascal, for example, there is no need to check manual paperwork or call suppliers with credit queries.

Replacing the labour-intensive, paper-based system reduces the risk of human error. The automated claiming process frees up more time to deal with customers face to face.

removal of multiple in-store processes

Thanks to the rascal PDA, staff are free from doing manual checking / recording of product – not only reducing the amount of paperwork needed, but also the wait outstanding credit.

The PDA allows staff to simply scan in product as it arrives and the processes are dealt with by rascal.

An added advantage is that the system ensures against knowledge loss. Without rascal in place, If a key staff member takes time off or leaves, the knowledge of in-store processes leaves with them. Thanks to rascal, the processes are managed with a consistent, intuitive interface which any staff member can be quickly trained to use.

intuitive stock take facility

With traditional, stock take processes, stores have to record each price manually -with two or three staff members tied up with a time-consuming process, which is often prone to error.

The rascal PDA system allows one staff member to simply scan in each item, recording the amount of product in store. At the end of the process the store is given a total amount of stock in the store at that time. If required, this figure can automatically be uploaded to Head Office and a full breakdown provided to the store the following day.

This robust, off-the-shelf, system - used by some of Britain's biggest retailers - is more accurate and cost-effective, freeing staff to deal with customers face to face.

reduces paperwork

Using rascal, paperwork is almost a thing of the past. Rather than dealing with different paperwork from multiple suppliers - such as credit or recall notes - the PDA is used and the system deals with all the information generated.

This standardised approach removes the time-consuming need for multiple supplier management.

The rascal software highlights any discrepancies automatically and we claim for any outstanding credit from suppliers.

automated credit claims

A store colleague is time poor each morning, processing deliveries and dealing with customers. The last thing he or she needs to be doing is spending time on the phone chasing up suppliers for any shortages.

rascal now automates credit claims on retailers’ behalf, not only freeing up precious time in store, but increasing the amount of credit a store can be reimbursed.

One rascal retail partner reported that, before installing the rascal system, an average store was making less than two credit query calls per year. After rascal was introduced, an average store was making at least two claims through rascal per week - significantly increasing the amount of credit reimbursed.

help desk support

rascal not only provides the tools to do the job but help is also immediately available to assist stores or head office with any problems or queries.

For those using the rascal hardware, the rascal help desk is available to help stores interpret the information provided by the PDA.

rascal can provide an impartial, professional service to help retailers deal with suppliers and wholesalers, giving the added security that there is a dedicated team supporting the core services.

In the unlikely event of a problem with a PDA, one of the rascal operatives will deal with this straight away and ensure a replacement is dispatched within 1 working day.

total visibility of goods-in and out

Traditional manual methods of managing stock in / out often resulted in head offices not knowing what was going on in individual stores or able to keep track of problems.

With rascal, robust, accurate, up-to-date online reports essentially give you a line-by-line account of what titles are coming in and going out, as well as compliance of stores and suppliers.

rascal reports will show, for example, which stores haven't booked in essential deliveries or dealt with their returns, or how many copies of which titles are going into which stores, and the level of subsequent claims.

visibility of store process compliance

Ensuring stores comply with the basic yet essential tasks required of them - whether that is the weekly product check or scanning product as it arrives or for return - is vital to maximise the amount of credit for which stores can claim.

Shrink and waste is caused by either stores or suppliers not following process. The rascal compliance reports give total visibility of store compliance issues so that remedial action plans can be put in place if required, thereby driving down losses on the category.

Without rascal there is no reliable visibility of what is coming in and out of stores. Are all stores checking what is really being supplied by wholesalers?

Compliance reports lessen the risk of missing out on outstanding credit and incurring unnecessary losses. Stores with poorer compliance can thus be helped through better training of staff.

highlights outstanding credit by store

Before rascal, the only way a head office could identify outstanding credit was to quiz individual stores, and hope that the store was thoroughly checking its credits (unlikely) so that it knew what credits were missing.

With rascal all outstanding credit is highlighted thanks to accurate, up-to-date recording of information via the PDA. This visibility allows trends to be identified, enabling attention to be focussed on driving supplier or store process improvements.

This provides multiple benefits - such as improving cash flow by more accurate and timely credit reimbursements as well as stopping and returning unwanted allocations. Based on the data provided action plans can be put in place to help prevent similar errors in future.

gives store visibility and advice on new to range, non-ranged and ready for recall items

rascal's intuitive PDA provides stores with accurate, up-to-date information - allowing them to improve their shoppers' experience by ensuring fixtures are filled with the right stock at the right time.

From the moment product arrives at store, the PDA can warn the store of any non-ranged product being supplied. The PDA monitors and flags any product that has been recalled by the supplier so that it can be returned to the supplier within the required timescale to be credited

All metrics relating to range management, including store and supplier compliance, are available via rascal insight reporting. This gives stores and head office the visibility that the correct range is being maintained which will help boost sales.

ability to receive communications to handset

The rascal PDA is more than just a recording tool - it can also be used to inform all stores simultaneously of any important or outstanding tasks that may be forgotten under the weight of other work.

Messages from rascal can be sent directly to the PDA at various stages of the process according to the requirements of the Head Office. For example, a message can be put in place to inform all store colleagues when there is a potentially high value recall on collectables. Alternatively the message might contain a question to check whether a promotional title has been received and is correctly displayed with any accompanying POS.

Store compliance is improved as each store has to confirm any message received before it can carry out further work.

gap scanning – identifies sales opportunities

New to version 6 of the rascal system, stores are now able to scan all gaps on the fixtures - automatically generating a request for additional copies of titles directly from the wholesalers.

The information is also available in a report, allowing the retailer to challenge the level of allocation of specific titles - with robust data to back up their case.

This improved visibility helps stores drive more sales, as it makes them far more likely to have the right products in the right place at the right time.

drives store process compliance

The rascal system ensures best practice across all stores and provides head office with a fast and accurate monitoring of compliance.

Compliance of all stores at all stages of the process is clearly visible, allowing retailers to drive best practice and category discipline.

The data can highlight which stores are underperforming, enabling a focus on specific training needs as well as providing best practice examples from high performers - a positive force to improve the performance at each outlet.

Thanks to rascal's information, a major national retailer has achieved a remarkable 99% compliance rate on weekly product checks.

drives supplier process compliance

rascal is able to monitor compliance at all stages of the supply chain, by department, wholesaler or supplier group - and benchmark suppliers against each other.

The rascal reports contain data on non-collections, credit reimbursement, time taken to credit, as well as a number of other metrics, providing retailers with clear, accurate and up-to-date information on supplier performance.

delivers labour saving and cost efficiency

With rascal, gone are the days when staff were left at the mercy of complex processes. rascal saves time in store, with less paperwork.

rascal’s reports ensure each store is getting the right product, at the right time, at the right quantities.

Thanks to the rascal technology many processes are simplified. Rather than spending all day on numerous complex labour-intensive tasks, rascal delivers a much improved level of control to stores that now simply scan their deliveries and returns, and upload the information to rascal.

provides opportunity to improve shopper experience

For retailers, the competitive environment is extremely tough and increasingly often the key differentiator is how they provide service for their customers.

The rascal system ensures more staff time is spent engaging with customers and improving the customer experience, rather than spending valuable time away from customers chasing suppliers.

rascal ensures the right product is displayed on the fixtures - removing the risk of stores having out-of-date or non-ranged titles, on their fixtures.

New to version 6 of the rascal system, stores are now able to scan all gaps on the fixtures - automatically generating a request for additional copies of titles. Suppliers can then send in additional copies to store reducing the number of ‘unavailable’ titles for customers.


reduction in missing credits

Thanks to the visibility available via rascal insight reporting, rascal is able to facilitate a simpler and more transparent relationship between retailers and suppliers. rascal is able to highlight where errors have been made more quickly and accurately - allowing outstanding credit to be reimbursed far more efficiently than before.

rascal reports can also identify where there are store-based issues which can be dealt with on an individual basis, helping to reduce outstanding credits.

ability to send operational instructions direct to stores

The rascal PDA is more than just a recording tool - it can also be used to inform all stores simultaneously of any important or outstanding tasks that may be forgotten under the weight of other work.

Messages from rascal can be sent directly to the PDA at various stages of the process - ensuring the right information is sent to the right people at the right time.

help desk support

rascal’s friendly, experienced help centre staff can talk through issues with staff as they arise.

With this resource available, action is far more likely to be taken to resolve issues that in the past may have been missed.

The support staff are there to help stores with any problems they may have on the category, from supplier collection problems to more detailed questions regarding missing credits.

With rascal, the unknowns become knowns with just one call.