the process

total visibility over goods-in

The rascal platform deals with a huge amount of data transfer as each evening suppliers from across the UK provide rascalretail partners with store specific EGI files. This data is then fed directly to each store as a download straight to their PDA.

The PDA plays a critical role in data gathering. Intuitive and easy to use the PDA allow even inexperienced in-store staff to take responsibility for goods-in scanning. Scanning goods-in significantly improves the time and accuracy of the goods-in process compared to historical paper based systems, and enables instant comparison against the EGI file to identify any supply discrepancies.

Where previously store colleagues could be tied up on the telephone for long periods of time notifying suppliers of supply discrepancies, rascal handles this process for you. Scanned data is uploaded to the rascal platform whereupon an electronic feed is sent direct to suppliers to notify them of all discrepancies. In turn suppliers provide an electronic response file containing all credit due to the retailer.